The Beggining Of PurpleVague

PurpleVague is a dream come true for a woman entrepreneur who has always wanted a distinct accommodation space with a meticulous design and the strong feeling of “Home”. A space in complete harmony with nature, which respects the essential link between disconnection and reconnection. A space where time stands still and everything focuses on the power of the present moment.

At the meeting point between the plains and the high mountains, close to the heart of Muntenia, in an area still hidden from everyone’s eyes but which keeps a remarkable history (since 1564), PurpleVague is THE premium experience in nature that brings to light a new way of traveling. A much more conscious and sustainable one.

The name – PurpleVague – is no coincidence. She was inspired by one of the Balkans’ most unique and rare flowers, the botanical genus Rhododendron, also popularly called the mountain peony. This flower is our neighbor and lives in peace, protected by the community and by law on Leaota Peak. This flower has been in the area before us for many years. We support it by respecting the environment and keeping it intact. You can admire it in June when it blooms in all its purple richness. Besides the elegance and high standards we feel obliged to provide when using purple, we also borrowed the ambivalence induced by this hue born out of two primary colors.

Mission & Philosophy

A great spiritual author once said that coincidence is not about luck or mistakes but about things that fit together perfectly.

At PurpleVague, we support the concept of Slow Travel. We want to bring new values ​​to how people travel to our country, starting with their accommodations, the time they allocate to the experience, and the minimized impact on the ecosystem. If we were to choose 3 aspects that perfectly describe PurpleVague, these are peace, subtlety, and care for everything that surrounds us.

PurpleVague is the symbiosis between exterior and interior. We value the most refined aesthetic sense, seen in the design we chose, but also in the details that contribute to the well-being of the soul.

We promote tourism adapted to our days, having man’s relationship with nature at its center. All the eco-friendly materials used in the construction of the chosen design reflect and enhance this relationship. 

We are building a community that is based on the same values: the desire to explore, the affinity for elegance and design, the love for nature and simplicity, a sustainable lifestyle, and also the attention to detail. Purple Vague is at the meeting point of the above and offers a premium experience, supporting what we call sustainable tourism and local tourism. Creating this community means gathering like-minded people – guests, hosts, and partners. Of course, there is plenty of privacy and personal space because we cherish that special moment you spend with yourself. The windows of each house show a wide valley wonderland, but the walls provide our much-needed intimacy.

If you are a purple enthusiast or want to give yourself a chance to become one, boldly step into the PurpleVague universe.

PurpleVague Architecture

The purposeful placement of the bungalows aims to visually open up the perspective into the spectacular natural setting of the Leaota Mountains and, simultaneously, to create a sphere of intimacy around each of them. The architectural goal is to create a deeper connection between the interior and the natural setting, from the movable glazing to the minimal environmental footprint.

The design of the bungalows deliberately creates a surprising contrast between the exterior, having a reserved look, and the welcoming and warm interior that uses carefully selected natural materials and textures. Natural light, as well as discreet artificial lighting, are judiciously used to create a memorable atmosphere and to accentuate the most important spaces of the interior. Beyond the aesthetics, the bungalows benefit from smart technology, natively integrated to allow unique comfort.

” It all started with the motto: “Full nature, full comfort.” When I first entered the Bădeni courtyard, I immediately realized that we were in a special place, an authentic corner of the countryside located at the foot of the Dâmbovița mountains. A yard that is neither large — nor small, nor orthogonal — not even crooked at all; Slightly sloping, surrounded by a massive wall that barely held the orchard behind – an entire hill, in fact. Everything was built using local stone, a round stone probably extracted from the adjacent stream. Overall, the buildings were in an advanced state of deterioration. The main building, a haystack, also made of stone, with a wooden and tile roof, was itself a sculptural presence, deeply tectonic. It seemed to be there forever, and we must keep it there.

The courtyard is the starting point for a fantastic hike to the neighboring hills, from where spectacular views open to Leaota Peak.

We decided to keep – and why not, even celebrate – as much as we can from the atmosphere and special elements discovered in this yard. To achieve this, but also for constructive sustainability, we chose to reuse as much as possible of existing materials and textures: river stone, bricks, ceramic tile, wooden beams and rafters, doors, haystack stairs, and rural household tools. We mixed them with ecological and recyclable materials, such as wood and folded sheet metal, which was realized using modern techniques. The result was a harmonious ensemble based on the dialogue between the old, specifically local elements, and contemporary, efficient, and ecological construction techniques.

The central part of the courtyard is still the stone building that has kept its volume but which we have consolidated. It now functions as a reception, guest lounge, and dining room. The massive stone construction is completed by the refurbished roof of the former hayloft. The light enters in a zenithal way, almost in a perimeter way, from the spaces used to dry the hay, thus creating the feeling that the wooden and tile roof floats above the building.”