Outdoor Activities

Enjoy the ozonated air and the peaceful area for comforting outdoor activities. For those looking for moments of solitude, it is the ideal place for outdoor yoga, meditation/mindfulness sessions, or just for a lazy hour in the sun, in a hammock, or in the company of a good book.

Add a fresh lemonade with mint and some fruit, and there you have a picnic. And after reading a chapter from your book or enjoying lunch, we recommend a short walk among the aromatic plants and flowers that grow in the area – thyme, wild sage, rhododendron with its shades of pink-purple, wild mint, rhubarb – which surrounds the place in a unique scent.

Indoor Activities

If you have a day when all you want is to stay in without doing anything, enjoy the ”dolce far niente” at PurpleVague! You have a TV with Netflix for binging your favorite series.

You can always order food and enjoy local flavors in gourmet dishes. And when you want to fully relax your body, go out on the terrace, and there you have it: your own eco jacuzzi with panoramic views. Moreover, you can try out the sauna or book a relaxing massage session.

Nature Trails

For those with an exploratory side who love nature walks, there are several trails with varying degrees of difficulty, such as the 4-hour trail that takes you to Leaota Peak. Also, just 1-hour drive from our location, you can access the Bucegi National Park, which is ideal for day trips.

We also recommend cycling routes, which have a medium degree of difficulty (40km) – Pietrosita – Dealu Frumos – Runcu – Valea Runcu – Piatra – Badeni – Fieni – or a higher degree of difficulty (60km), on this route: Fieni – Runcu – Râul Alb – Sipot – Vulcana Bai – Sotanga – Târgoviște.

Horseback Riding

Try one of the most memorable experiences – riding on the untamed hills of Runcu. Through our partners, we offer riding sessions under the careful guidance of the trainers, who will teach you how to sit in the saddle and create a connection with your horse, a very intelligent animal.

In the long term, riding can help you strengthen your balance, coordinate your movements, concentrate, have a beautiful body position, and improve your back muscles.

Forest Bathing Therapy

Forest bathing therapy is one of the oldest therapies inspired by Japanese culture. It is medically recommended for anxiety and stress. The sound of the forest, the sunlight playing gently through the leaves of the trees, and the fresh and clean air – are the elements that give you comfort and heal your soul, then your body.

Staying in nature means revitalization, energy, and mental clarity. You can find out more details about forest bathing therapy in the mini-documentary below, it takes just 4 minutes.