Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage, only by appointment. The relaxing massage helps the body produce endorphins and serotonin, therefore eliminating the stress caused by daily routine. At PurpleVague we bring a fully relaxing experience through the massage service, available by appointment.

Eco-friendly jacuzzi
« coming soon »

Eco-friendly jacuzzi with an ozone filtration system, the most efficient cleaning system at the moment, is available on each bungalow’s terrace.

The jacuzzi or the hydromassage is recommended for relaxing the muscles, especially after hiking in the area, but also for cleaning skin pores. Therefore you will feel revitalized and hydrated after a hydromassage session.  

Wooden sauna
« coming soon »

Wooden sauna, located in the nearby forest, among the trees. The sauna is dry, has a temperature of 44-45 ° C, and can accommodate a maximum of 2 people. Using the dry sauna has many benefits, such as increased immunity, eliminating toxins, chemicals, and other impurities from the skin, accelerating metabolism, relaxing muscles, especially after intense physical activity, releasing stress, and alleviating allergies and respiratory problems.


* For all available activities, we recommend scheduling in advance when booking your stay.